Packing and Move Preparation

Two removal men packing boxes in an officeAn office move can be an enormous undertaking for even the most organized company. There are numerous details that involve the movement of personnel, products, and equipment, to name a few. Even with proper planning, the relocation of a whole business takes time—and time equals money. Ultimately, you want resources to help you achieve your relocation in the least amount of time, thereby saving you money while maintaining productivity.

Handling All Your Move Preparation and Packing

Preparation and packing is often the most time-consuming portion of a commercial move. Without proper planning and expertise, this phase of your move can paralyze your organization. That’s why businesses throughout Southern Michigan choose us to professionally pack and unpack their office assets.

Our professional move preparation and packing services minimize downtime to your organization. We strive to exceed your expectations by utilizing a consultative approach driven by a precise understanding of your unique business needs. As a result, not only will we meet your requirements and timeframes but also provide you with the following value-added services that help you enhance your organization’s productivity during the move process:

  • building management coordination
  • employee pre-move training
  • office equipment liquidation
  • document shredding
  • vendor coordination

Expert Packers with a Professional Process

Michigan Office Movers’ professional packing specialists are trained to utilize techniques and materials that protect all of your office supplies and equipment.  They also employ an efficient, methodical process informed by the vast experience and successful past performance providing organized packing services to clients across a broad range of industries.

Our packing process is driven by strict attention to detail. Proper labeling is one of the primary steps that ensure that all of your office inventory is accounted for. We utilize a multilevel labeling system that accounts for each floor, department, and section of your business. This even includes color-coding cords and cabling systems for electrical and computer equipment to ensure efficient and functional reconnections. Combined with a precise layout diagram of your office, thorough labeling allows us to accurately replicate your desired office configuration upon delivery at your new location.

During the physical packing phase, all of your furniture systems and equipment – including office supplies- are carefully prepared for transfer. Especially delicate and sensitive items may be specially crated to assure extra protection during handling and transportation. Cubicle and modular storage systems will be disassembled. In consultation with your information technology department, special accommodations will be made for the transfer of computer and server systems to ensure business continuity. We make provisions for the packing of:

  • confidential documents and files
  • art and sculptures
  • modular storage systems
  • office furniture
  • environmentally sensitive equipment

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