Secure Item Storage

Secure Storage for Your Most Valuable Corporate Assets

We place a high priority on the custodial security and protection of our client’s storage inventory. Therefore, we’ve implemented strict processes and procedures that reduce every conceivable risk during transfer, warehousing, and final delivery. As a result, clients throughout Southern Michigan are provided with peace of mind knowing that Michigan Office Movers is their go-to storage solution for high-value items which may include the following:Security Safe Icon

  • medical and laboratory equipment
  • trade show exhibits
  • information technology systems
  • artwork
  • industrial machinery
  • vital corporate records

Thorough Pre-Storage Planning

Prior to placing your high-value items in storage, our project management team will conduct an on-site survey to ascertain your specific organizational needs and timeframes. This allows us to structure a comprehensive storage solution for your business that may include the coordination of one of our other ancillary commercial services including:

  • expedited transfer
  • customized packing and crating
  • building protection
  • specialized transportation

The Highest Security for Your Valuables

We operate one of the largest storage facilities in Southern Michigan equipped with state of the art security systems. Access is limited to only our screened and authorized team members and features the following benefits:

  • security of corporate assets
  • thorough inventory control
  • climate-controlled preservation
  • single-source commercial services

Detailed Inventory Tracking Capabilities

A computerized inventory control system tracks each of your valuables. Each item is inspected and labeled for complete tracking. New items can be transported from your facility or directly received from your corporate manufacturers and distributors, in which case copies of receiving reports and packing slips are forwarded directly to key staff within your organization.

Safe, Efficient, and Secure Delivery

Our clients are provided with expedited delivery options to meet even the most time-sensitive requests.  Prior to delivery, each item is professionally retrieved from its location within our warehouse. The item is then physically inspected in order to verify any changes in condition since being stored. Your furniture asset’s request status is also verified within our database. To assure protection and security during transfer, we carefully pad and wrap each item. Additional packaging or crating may be utilized for oversized or fragile pieces. Your inventory is then placed on one of our GPS tracked, specially designed vehicles for safe and secure transport and delivered and placed within your facility with the utmost attention to detail and care.

For more information about Michigan Office Movers’ secure item storage services and to schedule a cost-free, no-obligation assessment, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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